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Large TWIN quilted duffle bag (available in all colours)
myHospitalBag for Twins consists of: 4 Babygrows, 4 Vests, 4 Hats, 4 Mitts, 4 Muslins, 18 Nappies, 18 Nappy Bags, 2 packs of Pampers Wipes, 20 Cotton Wool Balls, 2 Disposable Changing Mats & 30g Tube of Sudocrem. All other items (toiletries, new mummy essentials & a few nice extras) remain the same as the single bag. The large quilted duffle bag has a front zipper pocket and open and zipper pockets inside. It has a gingham lining and detatchable polka dot ribbons. The bag measures 21" (l) x 12" (h) x 11" (w)
Price: 115.00
    Product Detail

 myHospitalBag consists of:

Newborn Essentials (size NB 0-3mths)

4 (white) Babygrows, 4 (white) Vests, 4 (white) Hats, 4 (white) Mitts, 4 (white) Muslins, 18 Pampers Nappies, 18 Nappy Bags, 4 Pampers Wipes, 20 Cotton Wool Balls, 2 Disposable Changing Mat &  2x30g Tube of Sudocrem.

New Mummy Essentials

10 Femfresh Wipes, 3 Pairs of Comfy Cotton Black Knickers, 10 Sanitary Towels, 200cc Arnica Tablets, 6 Breastpads

Refresh Yourself

Carex Facial Wipes, Antibacterial Handgel, Clear Toilet Bag, Dove Shampoo, Dove Conditioner, Dove Bodywash, Dove Deodorant, Hairbrush, Shower Cap, Toothbrush, Macleans Toothpaste

A Few Nice Extras

Flipflops, Slipper Socks, Laundry Bag, Pocket TIssues, Lipsalve, 2 Hairbands, Water Fan, 2 xAA Batteries, Pocket Notepad & Pen

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